Magento SMS API- How it is Beneficial for Ecommerce Websites

Now, you can easily incorporate SMS functionality in your e-commerce platform by using Magento SMS API. There are a number of bulk SMS service providers available online, which offer simple to integrate Magento SMS plugin. With this plugin, e-commerce websites can deliver newest offers and deals, make their e-commerce platform more secure by sending OTP on user’s mobile phone which also help them make user’s personal information safe from hackers or frauds.

In Magento, it is by default that when a customer places an order at that time Order Email is sent to customers and to store admin as well. These days, in place of Email people are more contented with SMS.

Features of Magento SMS API

  • Send SMS to the number registered in the DND as well as NON-DND numbers
  • By the wish of the website owner, sender ID of 6 characters is made
  • Give a separate admin panel to check the number of SMS delivered
  • You can make your own SMS template

So, if you need any SMS API integrated into your Magento system, then MSG91 offers full-fledged, reliable and safe SMS API method. All you have to do is to let us know what type of service you are using and rest is our job. We have committed developers who are familiar with the most popular SMS gateway India and their APIs. No coding, no writing, nothing to bedone by you; we deal with the complete SMS API integration process. So, be ready to get an SMS on each order with shipping status.


Use Of Transactional SMS In Product Based Companies

In today's quick advancing and mechanically improving world, it is imperative as well as the prime component for organizations to achieve their clients anyplace anytime.

As the innovation is increasing every day it recoils from radio to daily paper and magazines, TV ads to web and messages to SMS. Among this SMS advertising, bulk SMS is certainly the best and direct method for the purpose of promoting by a concern to advertise their products.


While launching a new product in the market, every business concern gets high hopes of achieving a huge amount of profit by selling it. But the execution of that plan can only take place when they can make proper planning. And promotion is the first and one of the most important steps in the planning part. Proper promotion should be cost-effective and should reach each and every consumer in the market. The bulk SMS helps in this respect.

It is not important whether a particular person buys the product or not. What is important is that whether that same person comes to look for the product. This is the main aim of promotion, i.e. each and every individual should at least know about the product.

Achievements Through SMS

This can be achieved through the sending of transactional SMS. Through WordPress SMS plugin which is well-known for addressing a large number of people easily can help you do the job of promoting the products of various companies. Hence, different companies are availing such services these days and so should you.


Use of Transactional SMS in E-commerce industry

In this generation, communication has become very easy, especially with the advent of transactional SMS. Transactional SMS India, is the procedure of sending out alert updates to clients is used widely in the e-commerce industry. With the help of these types of SMSs, the companies involved in e-commerce can educate their clients regarding their products and inform them about their new schemes.

Electronic business regularly alluded to as e-business or e-commerce, is the exchanging or help of exchanging items or administrations utilizing PC systems, for example, the web or online interpersonal organizations.

Electronic trade draws on advancements, for example, versatile business, electronic assets exchange, store network administration, web promoting, online exchange handling, electronic information trade, etc.

Electronic commerce is mainly promoted by bulk SMS services.

Present day electronic business normally utilizes the Internet for no less than one portion of the transaction’s life cycle in spite of the fact that it might likewise utilize different innovations like email, transactional SMS sending, etc.

The contemporary electronic business includes everything from requesting advanced substance for quick online utilization, to requesting ordinary products and enterprises, to meta administrations for the encouragement of different sorts of electronic trade. The bulk SMS services are getting served as a good platform for conduction of e-commerce.

API or an application programming interface may be defined as a collection of rules and standards for the purpose of building software as well as applications. The bulk SMS API Java is used in the sending of transactional SMS for the benefit of the e-commerce industry.


These three tips will help you unlock your SMS marketing potential

Small business owners are popularly using bulk SMS marketing tips to improve their reach and ROI. If you are considering using SMS and want to make the most of it, then here are three simple tips that will maximize your SMS marketing spend.  

Get right to the point

Write the offer, how to redeem the offer and lastly call to action. Nothing else. Don’t send typical sales messages. Remember, your customers have opted-in for the bulk message because they wanted to know about valuable and exclusive offers. So, just give the required information. You can easily create few simple templates and with WooCommerce SMS plugin you can automate when your messages must be sent.

Remain consistent

If you generally send messages on weekends, stick with the same schedule. The only reason to change your schedule is when you don’t see any or much responses on your existing time slot. But, if responses are good, clients have taken call to action then weekend it is.

Prioritize value

If you are sending so-so deals, then don’t even bother. Don’t go for typical 15% off, because this is something that you can easily obtain outside your bulk messaging list. Make sure all offers you text are exclusive to your list. Try something like flat 50% off, 1+1 and more such captivating offers.

Thankfully, Bulk SMS service provider for marketing tips, present you with plugin for number of popular ecommerce platforms like WordPress plugin, Magento SMS, WooCommerce SMS plugin, OpenCart SMS extension etc. so you can easily get one that will best suffice your needs.


Your comprehensive guide to transactional SMS

Efficient and quick communication enabled by the internet has made our world smaller. With bulk  SMS, organizations can save a lot of their efforts, time and money for reaching out to their targeted audience for promoting their products and services. In general text messages are divided into two categories: first is promotional SMS and second is transactional SMS.

Here we will be discussing about the transactional SMS in detail

What is transaction SMS?


Generally, transactional SMS are used for sharing important information or alerts to the clients who have been registered with your company. Here are the basic features of transactional SMS service

Messages will be sent with 6 alpha characters of sender ID, for e.g. VM-XYZCAF
With SMS API from transactional SMS provider you can send automated messages.
Transactional SMS provider in India provide 100% delivery guarantee.

Uses of transaction SMS:


  • Banks can send transaction alerts to consumers for each transaction.
  • OTP SMS for safe online money transactions.
  • With bulk SMS API PHP you can automate messages for order confirmation whenever a new order is placed online. Bulk SMS Java/HTTP or PHP API can be used by anyone who provides online services.


Like messages can be sent for air ticket booking confirmation; train, bus or cab ticket booking etc.  Also e-commerce online purchase order confirmation SMS can be sent.


  • Notification message if there are any changes related to booking.
  • Shipping details and status of order can be sent.
  • Confirmation messages for successful delivery of merchandise.

So, find an established transactional SMS service provider in India and start sending messages for improved customer support and experience. 


Best SMS Gateway Provider

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