Transactional SMS to Convey Your Transactional Information Effectively

In India, SMS traffic is divided into majorly two classes, first is transactional and the other promotional SMS. It comes under A2P categorization.

Transactional SMS Gateway API service are overall targeted to pass on significant information to every person who is a piece of the transaction or identified individuals or a bunch.

SMS from Banks, Airlines, Ticket Booking, Insurance SMS, SMS from Hospitals, SMS from Educational Institutes to folks, alert SMS, e-trade SMS, Stock SMS identified with buy or sell transaction, information to delegates by means of SMS, SMS reconciliation with inquiry form on websites, latest updates to clients, and confirmation SMS for participation by event organizations come under the category of transactional SMS.

You are provided with six characters sender ID for you to send SMS by your organization or product brand. Transactional SMS Service are passed on to each one of those even procured in DND (do not disturb) & can be delivered day in and day out.


  1. Six characters alphabetic sender ID
  2. Delivery on DND as well as Non DND numbers both
  3. Quick consideration of the templates by tech team
  4. 24×7 delivery
  5. Delivery details of each SMS with error codes
  6. Assurance of real-time transference
  7. Ready to use XML, HTTPS, database APIs
  8. Easy to use GUI and secured APIs using HTTPS protocol
  9. Limitless templates and Sender IDs
  10. Schedule SMS for prospective use
  11. Quick delivery reports
  12. 24x7 unrivaled client support such as email, ticket, phone, chat, etc.

Transactional SMS gateway is assigned to the categories below only –

  1. Registered banks & financial organization
  2. Registered organizations
  3. Credit card companies
  4. Insurance companies
  5. Railway and Airlines
  6. Registered educational institutes (only for sending details to parents)
  7. E-commerce websites
  8. Stock market notifications

Fundamentally, you can use transactional SMS route for sending significant alert and useful messages because template based SMS is one hundred percent safe and spam free. Therefore, using transactional Bulk SMS Services to convey your transactional information is essential.


How API SMS Service Provider Help Your Business Grow

Mobile technology has now become hugely matured and dependable. Besides, the mobile industry has effectively gone through all corners of the world and now promotion through mobile phones has come out as the most feasible alternative for business owners. The most famous type that business use of mobile technology is through the API SMS service and more distinctively, using SMS shortcodes to deliver business or service specific text messages.

SMS shortcodes are 5 to 6 digit long mobile numbers used to deliver marketing messages. These codes are simple to keep in mind and help the business owner by giving alternatives to send and receive text messages or replies to and from customers at a very economical price.

The shortcode or bulk SMS services are enhanced by SMS gateways. Messages are delivered through SMS API to the recipients. The SMSAPI has various functionalities to help you in different content of your business.

The SMS software and the setup can be used for different purposes. Some of the most general uses are as follows:

1. You can use SMS shortcodes to send messages to your present customers reminding them about frequent payment for the service or product you offer.

2. You can effectively create a rapport with your customers as using the SMS software; you can be continuously connected with them. You can send out service messages, offers, discounts, alerts and so on.

3. You can run customer or user level surveys for a particular product or service. You can do market research activities to know the response of a product or evaluate success of a proposed service before it is introduced.

4. Bulk Transactional SMS service also helps you in offering technical support to your customers for computer related problems when accessing email is not feasible.

API SMS service is the best way to market your business. However, before you go for a service provider it is suggested to check the services and ensure the dependability and the quality of the service provider. As this is a profitable and quickly growing business, there are small level service providers also available who although come economically, but critically lack the quality when it comes to deliverability. This may come out as a negative effect for your business. So, before you decide about the service provider of SMS software, verify all the facilities they offer. Also, make sure that they are skilled and to deal with issues and can offer customized solution for any particular business requirement you may have. A skilled and trustworthy bulk SMS API provider will ensure that you get the rising business profit at all times.


Transactional SMS Service Provider- A Need of Today’s Business

Online SMS is always the best option to connect either with individuals or targeted customers in bulk. SMS has been classified into categories, what best you can do is selecting as per needs of the business. MSG91 provides the best transactional SMS service all over India. What makes them best amongst the rest is their improvement and dedication towards providing their clients with the best service, so they can get most out of their spending. Transactional SMS service provider is mostly used for direct communication between business & customer. The content of  transactional SMS are such types of messages that include informative content such as banks update their registered clients about transaction, organizations update their present customers about their product or service delivery.

Features that you will enjoy only with the best Transactional SMS service provider:

  • Helpful for significant notifications.
  • Free sender ID will be offered.
  • Send SMS with your Business Name.
  • Message will be sent 24*7.
  • Message will be sent on DND numbers as well.
  • SMS will get delivered within seconds.
  • SMS API will be offered for integration in software or web application.
  • No hidden charges for sender ID.
  • No hidden or set up costs.
  • Real time live structure report for every SMS.
  • Transactional bulk SMS gateway
  • One hundred percent SMS delivery guaranteed.
  • Unlimited SMS validity.
  • Send a large number of SMS in a single click.
  • Instant reply for queries.
  • 24 x 7 client support.

Overall, transactional SMS API is only for informational purposes, you can be quite assured to refurbish and redesign your bulk SMS marketing campaign so that you can put forth to the maximum prospective customers.


Bulk SMS http API- An Effective Way to Promote Your Business

By using bulk SMS services any organization or business can reach a large range of customers within a very short time-period. These services can be used to promote any product or service, send information, transactional alerts and lot more. These days, bulk SMS is used in various sectors such as Ecommerce, IT Services, Education, Real Estate, Hospitals, Banking and various others.

The bulk SMS HTTP API is another bulk SMS service that is easy and influential SMS API to send your bulk text messages. It allows you to send all types of messages, involving normal text, binary as well as MMS messages.

Advantages Bulk SMS API

  • Simple and easy to integrate
  • Powerful and robust
  • Big support for message types and attributes
  • Extensive delivery reports with MCC or MNC and revenue or cost details

Prerequisites or requirements


  • Basic programming and scripting abilities
  • HTTP browser or component
  • Server or computer to set up your script/application

Functions of bulk SMS http API

  • Bulk SMS delivery
  • Two way SMS sending facility
  • SMS delivery and status reports
  • Reply path
  • Campaign
  • Various connections
  • Select route per SMS
  • High throughput and low latency

Needed experience for integration

Alphanumeric sender ID
Binary support
Concatenated, split by client and on server

API method
Unicode support
Scheduled on server
Scheduled at SMSC
Flash SMS
Location based services
HTTPS encoding
Statistics overview

SMS tracking
SMS queue status
Message exporting
Sub accounts

Key features of Bulk SMS API

  • Send SMS to a person or any group with just single click
  • Totally web based platform
  • Send message with company or brand name using six characters sender ID
  • Make group and add contacts to that group
  • Send message through mobile to an already defined group using SMS platform
  • Quick SMS delivery
  • Create and save already defined message templates
  • Message scheduling to send later at any time
  • Message delivery report

Any company or business can simply use bulk web SMS API service like http API for follow-ups, customer response, interacting with employees, holiday notifications, interview reminders, surveys and polls, etc.
MSG91 is the India's most reliable online bulk SMS website offering promotional SMS, transactional SMS and SMS marketing through web SMS, bulk SMS software & bulk SMS http API. If you are looking for a complete bulk SMS solution, then MSG91 SMS portal is considered best in its class.


How to Choose an SMS API Provider

The SMS API is the application protocol interface,  An SMS gateway obtains messages from your SMS software application or desktop tool and it converts it into the protocol used by your recipient’s system. This makes sure that all your messages are effectively sent in spite of the carrier involved in the final delivery. SMSAPI gateway is an essential link in the delivery process of your SMS.

SMS has got huge success in the mobile and wireless world. Billions of text messages are sent every single day, and SMS is now a big revenue generating source for wireless carriers. Various innovative applications are now being developed on the top of SMS technology and more are being developed on a daily basis. As businesses look to overhaul their marketing techniques and try to approach new and prospective customers, they are taking up SMS, but selecting an SMS gateway API provider has come out to be somewhat trickier as various companies who want to appoint their services easily do not know what to search for.

The following questions can help businesses in choosing an SMS API gateway provider:
1. Is the protocol you will be using safe? HTTP + SSL encryption means the data sent over HTTP protocols is not viewable by others. With HTTPS, data is encoded before being sent over the Internet protocol, thus it is safe from hacking or snooping.

2. How good is your SMS API provider’s network quality? SMS service providers are now providing free test service to prospective users, so you can check the reliability of their network quality. Additionally, some Bulk SMS service providers give multiple message routing alternatives, so you can choose which messages to be routed through more dependable, but more costly networks and which to send through less dependable, but cheaper networks.

3. Is the SMS API provider's documentation easily readable? A well-documented API and sample code should be provided to developers. This will save more technical development time. One good method to test the documentation is to use it to integrate a specific feature needed by your SMS application. For instance, you might check by evaluating the command parameters for delivering concatenated messages to find out if you or your team can understand the API without extra support from the SMS service provider.

4. After that, you should ask what payment alternatives the API provider offers to new clients. Very frequently, SMS credits can be bought from their website and various providers support online credit card payments. You will also want to evaluate their web-based account management features to see if it is simple to manage your account. Can you recognize the user interface? Are the menu items very well-organized? Does it have complete reporting to find out messages sent and received? Are sub users permitted if you require them? Do they provide access to your account over HTTPS, so your detail will be safe from snooping.

So, by asking above questions, you may succeed in choosing the best SMS API service provider for your business.


Best SMS Gateway Provider

MSG91, an innovative messaging solution, provides a faster and smarter way to send bulk SMS through well featured SMS gateway. Bulk SMS is a fast and simple way to get things done, which is like connecting with all clients or customers in one go. MSG91 provides an aesthetic user friendly platform, where you can generate instant reports and send lakhs of SMS with a single click. With prestigious client base, MSG91 have proved its mark by making track record of sending messages to over 90+ countries. By covering almost all business sectors MSG91 has become number one bulk SMS service provider in India.