SMS two-factor authentication and its types

Two-factor authentication is gradually becoming a more popular authentication practice to safeguard online websites as it appends one more layer of security to the conventional username and password.


When a user signs up for a website they are directed to feed their information, involving their phone number. The website will normally send a verification email that confirms the email ID of the user, but will also send an OTP SMS with a six number alphanumeric PIN on the given mobile phone number.


When the user gets this code they will write it into the website and therefore be verified by their mobile number also. This process appends an additional layer of safety that assures registered user’s identity.


Usually, there are two kinds of integration with SMS systems for two factor authentication:


PIN creation


In these types of solutions the SMS gateway will take responsibility for generating the PIN and sending it to the mobile phone number of the user requiring authentication.


When the PIN number is provided, the system must call the SMS gateway to check the entered PIN number.


Direct verification with OTP SMS


In this process the verifying site produces the PIN number and delivers it straight to the customer through SMS gateway. The user feeds the number and authentication is completed.


Two-factor authentication solutions are an industry-verified approach for creating a truly powerful authentication procedure.


At last, we anticipate that you would find the above details useful and implement it in your SMS solution.


Difference between bulk SMS and SMS

In this world of communication, quickly moving and competitive business via web and the internet it becomes essential to save the time for marketing and advertising of your products and business. So, there is an easy solution for all the businesses to promote their newest products in the market with the help of the best technology bulk SMS.


The key benefit of this technology is that it takes only a few minutes to deliver thousands of short messages or SMS to a large number of users. For example, bulk SMS international is a method to send a large number of SMS to international clients in a few minutes. Different bulk SMS software are also present on the web that can be employed unswervingly from your personal system. There are a large number of websites that are offering bulk SMS gateways as well as solutions to many users on the web. The business SMS service providers make it possible to send SMS via PC and with this software it is feasible to deliver bulk SMS all over the world. Sending through this software is certainly simple and the setup guides help in understanding the whole process. Online SMS service has actually helped businesses to get a successful edge in the cutthroat global business situation.


On the other hand, WordPress SMS plugin India is another example of bulk SMS plugin that helps you send your readers timely notifications about your blog or website, which helps them in engaging more effectively.


How to send SMS from website


There are various ways to send messages online, but the way you choose has a lot to do with the cause why you want to send the SMS in primary place. Though, if you want to just send single text to a friend you can send text through email. In this post we will discuss how to send SMS from website for a business wishing to interact with their customers.


First, you would like to look at how much every company incriminates for every mobile keyword. Definitely having entry to an unrestricted numbers of mobile keywords gives you more trackability and flexibility for each of your mobile marketing proposals.


Second, you would like to distinguish what you will be indicted for every text message. For most businesses it is good to have an unrestricted text message plan so they do not run into costs when an SMS campaign is flourishing.


Third, if you are working with a service provider that employs a shared short code v/s offering each of their customers a fanatical long code you will require checking and distinguish which mobile carriers they work with.


Businesses should always use SMS marketing service provider that will let them deliver a text message blast through best practices. Though, if you want to just deliver a single text to a friend you can just send a text using email. Apart from it, Magento SMS integration, WordPress SMS integration, etc,. help business in sending online SMS effectively.


How bulk SMS is the best marketing tool


Messaging is a significant part of everybody's life. Before its beginning, it has experienced various changes. From being an individual message delivered via mobile, it is now employed for sending promotional message by the use of computer and internet. All through the world messaging is presently in trend for promotion. Marketers are depending on messages because:

1. It sends details to an individual in just a second. You have to write the SMS and send it to particular customer.


2.  There are no impediments as an easy text SMS with including associated information of the products or services is feasible.


3.  Messaging does not require huge outlays. There is a requirement of computer, internet and a text message, and work is completed.


4. Message will absolutely be interpreted by the receiver of the information. People can pass over and overlook every other ad type of marketing, but SMS has got an undeviating access to their mobile numbers, therefore they will go through it definitely.


If you live and are into business in the US, then text message in US can confirm to be very advantageous. OTP is another SMS service that may be used to verify clients.


There are many companies that offer service for bulk SMS international. They provide different plans to fulfill different needs of marketers. Messaging has become a significant part of marketing section. If someone wants to go reach more people in less time, then nothing can be superior than bulk SMS.



Bulk SMS Service and Effective Business Promotion



Bulk SMS services are amongst the most well-known process for business to approach audience with no stress of being misplaced in spam. For the achievement of business, appropriate marketing is required. SMS marketing provides platform for this advertisement and has come out as a significant asset for marketing. Due to the popularity of mobile devices, text ads has become simple for businesses. It has converted into more helpful tool in communicating with both new and present clients. This is a very savvy method for creating any business promotions and other interaction that directly goes to a mobile user.

Bulk SMS services like
bulk SMS API, bulk SMS software, etc., are now considered one of the most improved and creative techniques for web based promotion. This marketing method can develop the internet traffic to a larger extent. This traffic will allow more notable alteration of potential clients to authentic clients. With these methods, the real business targets will get accomplished. These services offer the benefit of being a practical type of marketing in comparison to the unreceptive techniques of promotion like promotional posters.


There are diverse organizations that are offering bulk services in India. They are providing different plans to accomplish the requirements of the marketers such as SMS plugins namely WooCommerce SMS plugin, bulk SMS plugins, etc. If someone wants to approach a big audience, then these services are best among all as it takes very less time to be sent to thousands of people.



Best SMS Gateway Provider

MSG91, an innovative messaging solution, provides a faster and smarter way to send bulk SMS through well featured SMS gateway. Bulk SMS is a fast and simple way to get things done, which is like connecting with all clients or customers in one go. MSG91 provides an aesthetic user friendly platform, where you can generate instant reports and send lakhs of SMS with a single click. With prestigious client base, MSG91 have proved its mark by making track record of sending messages to over 90+ countries. By covering almost all business sectors MSG91 has become number one bulk SMS service provider in India.