Factors to Consider While Choosing an SMS Service Provider

An SMS service provider in general offers SMS services that may be used by its subscribers to send text messages to their customers. This is not a mobile network operator, but a business entity that offers SMS services. So, there are a number of factors to consider while choosing an SMS provider.


The price of service maybe the most essential factor. In general, Bulk SMS service may be classified into two categories based on how customers are anticipated to pay. These are SMS based and credit based. In the initial case, customers purchase a number of credits from the service provider. You are charged by the number of SMS delivered and the price is location based. In the second case, bulk SMS is bought and the price of sending them is the same in spite of the destination.

While calculating the cost, it is imperative to know if there are any hidden charges or fees. Some providers do not show all their pricing on their pricing page. So, if a service appears very inexpensive, you may find that you are anticipated to pay extra fee in one or the other form.


It is essential to find out whether the Transactional SMS gateway provider has any purchasing prerequisites or not. For instance, some services may need you to purchase a minimum number of credits each month. If you are just beginning, it is better to select a service provider who does not have any minimum purchasing requirement. If your business increases, you always have a choice to purchase more.

Shelf life

In some conditions, SMS gateway providers make it obligatory for customers to use up the credit within a fixed time period. After the period, you cannot use the SMS any longer as these would have run out. Such limitations may be too restricting in case of small businesses and businesses that have just initiated.


Network coverage & quality

You must select a gateway provider who can send messages to your intended destination. Network coverage is essential and some providers give a small number of free messages so you can check network coverage.

On the other hand, some SMS service providers give low cost services, but their network quality is underprivileged. Sometimes, messages reach the target after a long wait. Such a service provider must be ignored.

Payment alternatives

Most SMS API service providers have the facility of online payment. Some also allow other payment methods such as PayPal. It is significant to obtain the right information regarding payment alternatives.

Account administration

Ultimately, your service provider must offer a web based management system that lets you check your SMS usage without difficulty, fast and effectively. The interface must be simple as well. It must also offer outstanding customer support as and when you require.

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