How to Choose an SMS API Provider

The SMS API is the application protocol interface,  An SMS gateway obtains messages from your SMS software application or desktop tool and it converts it into the protocol used by your recipient’s system. This makes sure that all your messages are effectively sent in spite of the carrier involved in the final delivery. SMSAPI gateway is an essential link in the delivery process of your SMS.

SMS has got huge success in the mobile and wireless world. Billions of text messages are sent every single day, and SMS is now a big revenue generating source for wireless carriers. Various innovative applications are now being developed on the top of SMS technology and more are being developed on a daily basis. As businesses look to overhaul their marketing techniques and try to approach new and prospective customers, they are taking up SMS, but selecting an SMS gateway API provider has come out to be somewhat trickier as various companies who want to appoint their services easily do not know what to search for.

The following questions can help businesses in choosing an SMS API gateway provider:
1. Is the protocol you will be using safe? HTTP + SSL encryption means the data sent over HTTP protocols is not viewable by others. With HTTPS, data is encoded before being sent over the Internet protocol, thus it is safe from hacking or snooping.

2. How good is your SMS API provider’s network quality? SMS service providers are now providing free test service to prospective users, so you can check the reliability of their network quality. Additionally, some Bulk SMS service providers give multiple message routing alternatives, so you can choose which messages to be routed through more dependable, but more costly networks and which to send through less dependable, but cheaper networks.

3. Is the SMS API provider's documentation easily readable? A well-documented API and sample code should be provided to developers. This will save more technical development time. One good method to test the documentation is to use it to integrate a specific feature needed by your SMS application. For instance, you might check by evaluating the command parameters for delivering concatenated messages to find out if you or your team can understand the API without extra support from the SMS service provider.

4. After that, you should ask what payment alternatives the API provider offers to new clients. Very frequently, SMS credits can be bought from their website and various providers support online credit card payments. You will also want to evaluate their web-based account management features to see if it is simple to manage your account. Can you recognize the user interface? Are the menu items very well-organized? Does it have complete reporting to find out messages sent and received? Are sub users permitted if you require them? Do they provide access to your account over HTTPS, so your detail will be safe from snooping.

So, by asking above questions, you may succeed in choosing the best SMS API service provider for your business.

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