Transactional SMS Service Provider- A Need of Today’s Business

Online SMS is always the best option to connect either with individuals or targeted customers in bulk. SMS has been classified into categories, what best you can do is selecting as per needs of the business. MSG91 provides the best transactional SMS service all over India. What makes them best amongst the rest is their improvement and dedication towards providing their clients with the best service, so they can get most out of their spending. Transactional SMS service provider is mostly used for direct communication between business & customer. The content of  transactional SMS are such types of messages that include informative content such as banks update their registered clients about transaction, organizations update their present customers about their product or service delivery.

Features that you will enjoy only with the best Transactional SMS service provider:

  • Helpful for significant notifications.
  • Free sender ID will be offered.
  • Send SMS with your Business Name.
  • Message will be sent 24*7.
  • Message will be sent on DND numbers as well.
  • SMS will get delivered within seconds.
  • SMS API will be offered for integration in software or web application.
  • No hidden charges for sender ID.
  • No hidden or set up costs.
  • Real time live structure report for every SMS.
  • Transactional bulk SMS gateway
  • One hundred percent SMS delivery guaranteed.
  • Unlimited SMS validity.
  • Send a large number of SMS in a single click.
  • Instant reply for queries.
  • 24 x 7 client support.

Overall, transactional SMS API is only for informational purposes, you can be quite assured to refurbish and redesign your bulk SMS marketing campaign so that you can put forth to the maximum prospective customers.

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