Your comprehensive guide to transactional SMS

Efficient and quick communication enabled by the internet has made our world smaller. With bulk  SMS, organizations can save a lot of their efforts, time and money for reaching out to their targeted audience for promoting their products and services. In general text messages are divided into two categories: first is promotional SMS and second is transactional SMS.

Here we will be discussing about the transactional SMS in detail

What is transaction SMS?


Generally, transactional SMS are used for sharing important information or alerts to the clients who have been registered with your company. Here are the basic features of transactional SMS service

Messages will be sent with 6 alpha characters of sender ID, for e.g. VM-XYZCAF
With SMS API from transactional SMS provider you can send automated messages.
Transactional SMS provider in India provide 100% delivery guarantee.

Uses of transaction SMS:


  • Banks can send transaction alerts to consumers for each transaction.
  • OTP SMS for safe online money transactions.
  • With bulk SMS API PHP you can automate messages for order confirmation whenever a new order is placed online. Bulk SMS Java/HTTP or PHP API can be used by anyone who provides online services.


Like messages can be sent for air ticket booking confirmation; train, bus or cab ticket booking etc.  Also e-commerce online purchase order confirmation SMS can be sent.


  • Notification message if there are any changes related to booking.
  • Shipping details and status of order can be sent.
  • Confirmation messages for successful delivery of merchandise.

So, find an established transactional SMS service provider in India and start sending messages for improved customer support and experience. 

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