These three tips will help you unlock your SMS marketing potential

Small business owners are popularly using bulk SMS marketing tips to improve their reach and ROI. If you are considering using SMS and want to make the most of it, then here are three simple tips that will maximize your SMS marketing spend.  

Get right to the point

Write the offer, how to redeem the offer and lastly call to action. Nothing else. Don’t send typical sales messages. Remember, your customers have opted-in for the bulk message because they wanted to know about valuable and exclusive offers. So, just give the required information. You can easily create few simple templates and with WooCommerce SMS plugin you can automate when your messages must be sent.

Remain consistent

If you generally send messages on weekends, stick with the same schedule. The only reason to change your schedule is when you don’t see any or much responses on your existing time slot. But, if responses are good, clients have taken call to action then weekend it is.

Prioritize value

If you are sending so-so deals, then don’t even bother. Don’t go for typical 15% off, because this is something that you can easily obtain outside your bulk messaging list. Make sure all offers you text are exclusive to your list. Try something like flat 50% off, 1+1 and more such captivating offers.

Thankfully, Bulk SMS service provider for marketing tips, present you with plugin for number of popular ecommerce platforms like WordPress plugin, Magento SMS, WooCommerce SMS plugin, OpenCart SMS extension etc. so you can easily get one that will best suffice your needs.

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