Magento SMS API- How it is Beneficial for Ecommerce Websites

Now, you can easily incorporate SMS functionality in your e-commerce platform by using Magento SMS API. There are a number of bulk SMS service providers available online, which offer simple to integrate Magento SMS plugin. With this plugin, e-commerce websites can deliver newest offers and deals, make their e-commerce platform more secure by sending OTP on user’s mobile phone which also help them make user’s personal information safe from hackers or frauds.

In Magento, it is by default that when a customer places an order at that time Order Email is sent to customers and to store admin as well. These days, in place of Email people are more contented with SMS.

Features of Magento SMS API

  • Send SMS to the number registered in the DND as well as NON-DND numbers
  • By the wish of the website owner, sender ID of 6 characters is made
  • Give a separate admin panel to check the number of SMS delivered
  • You can make your own SMS template

So, if you need any SMS API integrated into your Magento system, then MSG91 offers full-fledged, reliable and safe SMS API method. All you have to do is to let us know what type of service you are using and rest is our job. We have committed developers who are familiar with the most popular SMS gateway India and their APIs. No coding, no writing, nothing to bedone by you; we deal with the complete SMS API integration process. So, be ready to get an SMS on each order with shipping status.

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