Grow Your Business With Marketing Aura of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is basically made out of two words “Bulk” and “SMS” the meaning of “bulk” is mass, large in amount and “SMS” is a short form of Short Message Service. Therefore, when these two terms are used together, it means sending SMS to a large number of recipients at the same time. There are various terminologies used for Bulk SMS like SMS marketing, SMS alerts,Text message marketing, mobile phone messages, Business SMS etc. but it all means the same.


Why bulk SMS service is needed?


In today’s world, Bulk SMS services are used by community groups,companies, business owners, marketing agencies or anybody who wants to connect with a large audience. Which leads to the question, Why bulk SMS is needed?


With the help of small example, you will understand the need of Bulk SMS.

So,Taking an example of a xyztech company runs by Mr.xyztech, assuming that xyztech has many customers to buy it’s product. However, it is not possible to individually inform everyone about the upcoming promotions and special offers. As Mr.xyztech can not write to all its customers by itself. So, Mr.xyctech found the solution and started using SMS API and bulk SMS service, now he is in contact with all his customers which made his life simpler.


What’s your benefit of using Bulk SMS Services ?


“In today’s modern age people are either asleep or connected” with that motive bulk SMS services are making their way to accumulate a very large audience,very easily. As researches show that “97% of SMSs are read by the cell phone users & 90% SMSs are read in the first 4 or 5 minutes of delivery. “ Which gives the effective results of running a bulk SMS campaign. Following are the benefits for your business of bulk SMS:



SMSs are sent easily and read quickly that shows the rapidity of using bulk SMS services. So if you are really looking forward to reach maximum audience at any time of a day and engage your customers, through some activity in SMS like SMS polling which will let you evaluate the use of your bulk SMS service opt for professional bulk SMS provider and grow you business at a fast pace.


Right on Target

Different from other channels where promotions are done, but has no authenticity that it reached the targeted audience or not. In the world of bulk SMS, the surety of being delivered to the right customers is positive as the Bulk SMS marketing is permission driven, so in that case the SMS when delivered must have read by the receiver or the SMS is sent to a person who has subscribed it.


Customer Convenience

Connectivity is an amazing thing that puts the world on our finger tip. Due to which, it is very important for a business to keep their customers in a loop while a customer orders any product, to its delivery status, updates are essential about everything related to customer wishes or business marketing which is actually appreciated by the customers as they feel that company value them.


High Returns, Low Cost

The cost of doing traditional marketing or television advertisement are way too high to afford by any small business. Whereas bulk SMS services are budget friendly and has a very effective ROI.


No Spam

Great thing about bulk SMS API is that it doesn't involve spamming when you are sending any promotional bulk SMS, it will reach out the the respective audience without any obstacle.



Many Companies are reaping the fruit from Bulk SMS services and it is one of the growing sector of marketing campaign which is leading to effective result and with the help of API (Application programming interface) which works as a messenger that takes request and tells the system what you want to do and then returns the response back to you. This is what creates connectivity which gives a better and effective result of bulk SMS services. There are numerous bulk SMS services provider who are ready to be part of your business to support you in growing it. Now, It all depends on your choice, how fast you want to have that sweet fruit.


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