3 Methods to Use Text Messages for Colleges

Text messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication for college students. Studies reveal that people of the age 18-29 send text messages more than any other age group, and use their mobile phones very much for text messaging than other things. With that, increasing number of colleges, and universities are using text messages for colleges as well as higher education. Here are three methods by which colleges can use text services to communicate with students.

1. Use text messaging to deliver reminders each time when a limit for a form reaches. Use it to arrange student meetings with their consultants. SMS chat can even decrease the number of student counselor meetings, as students do need to get into the problem of booking an appointment. Once an appointment is done, a reminder SMS can be delivered that assures students to make it to convene with their consultant.

2. Colleges work very hard to organize events that make students happy. But, it can be very tough to receive response on campus events. Students are not likely to fill out and reply to an email review, for instance. And, they are even less feasible to fill out a hardcopy review. Text messaging permits students to obtain details on campus events and provide response within a few seconds.

3. Various colleges solicit their seniors to pledge to return to their schools before they graduate. Text messaging is the ideal communication tool as it lets students to give their word and offers a way to stay connected after graduation.

Overall, bulk SMS Service ability is just beginning to illustrate in higher education institutes. These three methods are tried and true, but we are confident that there are a lot more to try out there.


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