Keep your customers informed with Magento SMS

Magento SMS extension allows you to fix and automate customized text messages to your clients, based on definite triggers. This involves alerts for when an order is collected, processed, sent out, when it is anticipated to be sent and more. In addition to client notifications, you can also keep you and your group updated with automatic daily, weekly and monthly sales statements, sent straight to your mobile.
There is a selection of twelve particular triggers in Magento in relation to orders, straight the way via the order making stage, the dispensation and shipping phases to the order finishing point. Simply choose your triggers, select one of the already made message templates, or make your own, and your SMS alerts will be delivered involuntarily when triggered. You can even put in your Magento shipping tracking cipher and other routine fields to your text messages.

If you want to keep your group and yourself updated with the newest sales figures, you can allow sales updates through SMS extension. By doing so, you can involuntarily deliver an SMS featuring your stores' routine, weekly and monthly sales demographics. You can even state different receivers for each of your online shopping stores, if that is needed. You may also connect Magento with Webhook in Google sheet.

With Magento SMS extension you can deliver SMS all over the world for no additional cost. What is more this extension provides a multilingual platform and template SMSs in various other languages.

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