VTiger SMS and its Essential Features

VTiger SMS is an extension that incorporates with the SMS notifier module present in VTiger CRM. The extension offers the ability to send SMS to leads, contacts or accounts definite in the CRM. It also incorporates into customized workflows within VTiger by method of assigning an SMS task.

You can deliver bulk SMS from the catalog view of Leads, Customer Contacts or Organizations by choosing the preferred records and click to send SMS. On the other hand, you can find the way to the information of an entity. When creating a message, the character count is shown to manage extra costs acquired in delivering text messages more than 160 characters. On delivering the message, you can select one or more fields that contain the recipient’s mobile phone number, giving flexibility in how you gather mobile numbers.

When assigning a workflow within vTiger, you are shown with an SMS task that can be employed within the workflow. The SMS task can be activated at different points in the sales cycle and the SMS content can be arranged in context of the method activating the workflow.

Apart from this, Google sheet data to email is different method, which may help you in data importing. Each message delivered from VTiger is kept in a log and can be seen in SMS Notifier. Chart indications in the type of different background colors for the different states of an SMS make it simple to verify the message position.

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