SMS two-factor authentication and its types

Two-factor authentication is gradually becoming a more popular authentication practice to safeguard online websites as it appends one more layer of security to the conventional username and password.


When a user signs up for a website they are directed to feed their information, involving their phone number. The website will normally send a verification email that confirms the email ID of the user, but will also send an OTP SMS with a six number alphanumeric PIN on the given mobile phone number.


When the user gets this code they will write it into the website and therefore be verified by their mobile number also. This process appends an additional layer of safety that assures registered user’s identity.


Usually, there are two kinds of integration with SMS systems for two factor authentication:


PIN creation


In these types of solutions the SMS gateway will take responsibility for generating the PIN and sending it to the mobile phone number of the user requiring authentication.


When the PIN number is provided, the system must call the SMS gateway to check the entered PIN number.


Direct verification with OTP SMS


In this process the verifying site produces the PIN number and delivers it straight to the customer through SMS gateway. The user feeds the number and authentication is completed.


Two-factor authentication solutions are an industry-verified approach for creating a truly powerful authentication procedure.


At last, we anticipate that you would find the above details useful and implement it in your SMS solution.