Things to know about OTP SMS

With the digital world development, the requirement of securing customer identities has also developed. The customers of today anticipate a secure understanding from companies. The growing use of cloud based services and mobile phones have also improved the peril of data violations.

OTP SMS is a technique discovered to cope with counter phishing and different verification associated security risk in the online world. Generally, SMS based OTP are employed as the second factor in two-factor authentication. It needs users to submit an exclusive OTP after feeding credentials to get them checked on the website. 2FA has become a successful method to decrease hacking incidents and stopping identity deceptions.

But, unluckily, SMS based OTP are no more secure now. There are two key causes behind this:

* Primarily, the big security of the SMS based OTP depends on the solitude of the text SMS. But, this SMS depends on security of the mobile networks and recently, various GSM and 3G networks have entailed that the seclusion of these SMS cannot be fundamentally offered.

* Secondary, hackers are doing their best to interrupt in client data and thus have made various particular mobile device trojans to enter into client data.

At last, no issue which procedure you select, no technology can guarantee 100% safety. The key here is to be helpful to the quick changes taking place in technology. Also, this kind of service is the backbone of gateways like Magento SMS gateway, OpenCart gateway, etc.